After the success I had with my mother’s horse (LG Lonnie), I wanted to follow her and concentrate on dressage. My eventer at the time had successfully recovered from her injury and after completing a number of dressage competitions, having some success, I knew that if I wanted to qualify for the regional Championships I would need a bigger moving horse. This was an extremely difficult decision to make and it would be an amazing horse to be better than her.
We had kept in contact with Rebecca and Mike and after discussions with them and my trainer I went to try LG Apollo. I was a little apprehensive as he is a big horse and I was really looking for something smaller, but as Rebecca and Mike assured me that he was very mannerly and exceptionally talented, I had to try him for myself.
As with LG Lonnie, he was exactly what they said he would be and it was like history had repeated itself! He is a wonderful big horse who always tries his very best and I am very lucky to own such a great character. The vet also commented on what a lovely horse he is and he attracts attention wherever he goes.
We qualified for the regional dressage championships in 2011 at prelim and currently working at Novice level. He’s also loving that fact that we’ve introduced jumping to his training and he’s showing great potential.

Rebecca and Mike have a great eye for potential in young horses and in my experience the horses have been very trainable with exceptional temperaments, which is so important. I would wholeheartedly recommend LG Sport Horses to anyone looking for quality young horses.